Commonwealth Big Lunches

Join in - bring people together to celebrate community and build connections across the Commonwealth.


12 March - 22 April 2018


From Commonwealth Day on 12 March until 22 April, we're inviting everyone to celebrate being part of the Commonwealth by hosting a Commonwealth Big Lunch.

Commonwealth Big Lunches are delivered in partnership with the Eden Project. They are simply about sharing food and bringing people together to celebrate what we have in common.

From a couple of people in a back garden to hundreds in a community space, by hosting or attending a lunch you'll be joining millions of people across the Commonwealth in the official summit celebrations. We already have some exciting lunches confirmed; from a research ship off the coast of South Africa to a school of 30,000 pupils in India, we are aiming for a lunch in every Commonwealth country.

Don't forget to share your pictures on social media of your lunch with the hashtag #CommonwealthBigLunch.

A number of images used on this page have been supplied, courtesy of the Eden Project.

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