The Forums

London, 16th - 18th April 2018

The week of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) begins with four forum events, bringing together representatives from the worlds of business, civil society and government.

The forums offer an opportunity for Commonwealth dialogue and provide a platform for wider debate of some of the key issues and challenges, in advance of discussions by leaders at CHOGM.

For the first time, all of the Commonwealth Forums will come together in the same venue on a single day to discuss shared agendas, forge important new partnerships and celebrate common interests.  

The Commonwealth Advantage - with its shared values, regulatory systems and language - has the potential to increase intra-Commonwealth trade by 20% and reduce the cost of doing business between member countries by up to 19%.

Attracting an audience of business leaders from across the Commonwealth, along with heads of government and ministers, the Commonwealth Business Forum will discuss practical ways to enhance trade, showcase investment opportunities and promote sustainable development.

Organised by the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, in partnership with the City of London, the Business Forum has become one of the key events in the Commonwealth calendar.

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Civil society plays a key role in helping the Commonwealth develop innovative solutions to global development problems and holding governments to account for their commitments.

The Commonwealth People’s Forum, organised in partnership with the Commonwealth Foundation, is the single largest opportunity for civil society to engage with leaders and influence policy.

The People’s Forum also helps showcase and celebrate the shared values and cultures of Commonwealth nations and highlight the diversity of our global community.  

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The future of the Commonwealth depends on its one billion young people.

The Commonwealth Youth Forum provides an opportunity for the young people of the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, debate the challenges facing its young people, and agree youth-lead initiatives to influence decision makers and ensure young people have a voice in its future.

The agenda for the Commonwealth Youth Forum is developed by an International Taskforce, made up of young leaders from across the Commonwealth, working in partnership with the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC).

The Youth Forum also incorporates the CYC General Assembly and elections.

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The inaugural Commonwealth Women’s Forum was held at CHOGM 2015 in Malta, with the ambition of accelerating gender equality and promoting women’s rights in the Commonwealth and beyond.

The 2018 Women’s Forum will reflect on some of the global challenges still faced by women, as part of a wider commitment to “leave no one behind” in the Commonwealth journey to 2030.  

The Women’s Forum will draw international delegates from the Commonwealth and the rest of the world to highlight women’s positive political, economic and societal contributions and establish how women and girls will be key to building sustainable and resilient societies.

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