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    16th April 2018

    London, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace

  • #74d0c9
    All Commonwealth members

    Have an equal say, regardless of size or economic stature

  • #cea035
    Your Commonwealth is

    Home to a third of the world’s population

  • #93278f
    One in 3 young people

    Aged 15-29 in the world live in the Commonwealth

  • #ec8932
    Half of the top 20

    Global emerging cities are in the Commonwealth

  • #e94256
    CHOGM 2018 will be the

    Biggest leaders summit held in the UK

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The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a diverse community of 53 nations and more than 80 organisations that work together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace. It is home to a third of the world’s population and nearly 40 % of its young people.

The people and businesses of the Commonwealth enjoy the advantage of having shared legal systems, languages and values, making it easier for them to communicate, trade and cooperate with one another. Every member has an equal voice, no matter its size.